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Open Auctions

Tu portal de subastas públicasWe put at your disposal a personalized web site that you could incorporate in your current web site as a new service or business line.

Any of your possible clients, or persons who visit the web, could sign in on the bet system, in order to begin to bid for the last bids, the accumulated stock or the stock that you want to sell off.

With the purpose that anyone could not get information of the users of the bet web site, these bets are open but anonymous, that is to say, only you could know who is the highest bidder and the record of the bids from each user.

How does the system work?

  • Open auctions: Any person could sign in. In order to validate that he/she is a real user and that his/her personal details are right, the client would receive a confirmation email, that he/she must accept to could make bids.
  • Establish a first price for your stock and a final date: Each time a client bid for an item, exceeding the previous bid, the client who has outbidded would receive an email to advise him from this, and to encourage him to make a new high bid.
  • Sale of the lot: Once the bet has finished, the winner of the auction  would receive a mail with the final price and the instructions showing how to proceed with the payment.

This guarantees  the highest price for the stock.

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