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Private Auctions

Subastas privadas

We put at your disposal a personalized web site, so that you could incorporate it in your current web site, as a new business line or as a service to which you only have access by your username or password.

Invite your usual clients to participate in the bets, and at the same time avoid that no authorized people, competitors or similar people, falsify the bids.

Moreover, there is any possibility that the bidders make an agreement to bid for a fall: auctions are totally anonymous, only you could know who the highest bidder is in each moment and the record of the bids from each user.

How does the system work?

  1. Invite your potential clients: They sign in on the system, and you could authorized or refuse the membership, in order to filter who you want to participate in each moment.
  2. Decide a first price for your stock and a final date: Each time that a client bid for an item, exceeding a previous bid, the client who has outbidded would receive an email to advise him of this, and to encourage him to make another high bid.
  3. Sale of the lots: Once the bet has finished, the winner of the auction would receive an email with the final price and the instructions showing how to proceed with the payment.
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