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Outsourcing Auctions

Subastas Outsourcing. Dejanos vender tu stock por tí.In this case, you leave in our hands all the system and management of your web site of bets. From our part, we make the following actions.

  • Market research about the product.
  • Research about what type of bet modality is the more appropriate for your business.
  • Personalization of your bet web to the appearance of your business.
  • Search of wholesalers / distributors / clients.
  • You send us a detail (reference file, detailed photographs, appreciation to PVP or retail price and so on) of the stock that you want to sell and which is the minimum price at which you would sell it.
  • We prepare your bids, advice the clients, manage the bids, and finally, we sell your goods.
  • You would receive a payment in your account in 48 to 72 hours from the completion of the auction.
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